What's New?
Last update: March, 2007

·        I haven't gotten to anything in the "What's Planned" column yet but I have recently added a number of other items. The primary addition is the 64-page Gifting and Sharing, along with short versions in brochure and poster formats. This paper presents labor systems in different forms of community as methods for escaping the problems caused by the monetary system's focus on competition and cooperation. G&S pulls together material from other papers written earlier, resulting in the best presention yet of the intent of this website. The five files comprising the Landed Rainbow collection also discusses the ideal of leaving the monetary system, using allegory in its presentation. Other additions include a 4-fold brochure for the Reclaiming material, and a 3-fold Rainbow Rap 001 on Rainbow Council Process.  The most significant addition is the use of graphics on the home page. The idea came to me while writing G&S that the themes of each of the five main pages could be represented via graphics, and I hope they prove helpful. Realizing that I hadn't been using very well the graphics I'd already created I put those into the paper, Explaining Intentional Community via Graphics.

·        I've added a paper on organizing for progressive change, called the Mass Movement Manual (53 pages) to the "Egalitarian Commonwealth" section. Thanks to the generous permission of the MNS collective that created the Macro-Analysis Seminar (in the 1970s) which comprises half of MMM. Look for a Web study resources and reading guide to be created by the latter-day Macro-Analysis Collective and announced on this Web site.

·        I realized that I had one poster in my workshop presentation called Time Based Economics that I didn't have on this Web site, so that one-page introduction has now been included on it's appropriate page. This is a good, short overview of time economies and of the economic continuum.

·        There are now on the Culture Magic website three song books of earth religious, community and women’s spirituality songs and chants, plus three compressed files of MP3 audio files!  These three zipped files are designed for burning onto music CDs.  I’m certainly very pleased to be able to offer these 103 songs and chants (with lyrics), and they have been popular download items.  My sincere appreciations to all those artists who have agreed to freely share their music for the benefit of song and chant circles everywhere!  See the page:  "Material Spirituality"

·        A long-planned work intended to provide models of urban intentional community that are less expensive and more intentional then cohousing is now available with the name, ÉLAN: Equity-Linked Affinity Network.  More material may be added to this document as it becomes available.  See the page:  " Egalitarian Commonwealth"

·        The paper, Worker Ownership: Introduction and Resources, is one that I’ve continually updated over the years, and finally thought to add.  This is also on the page:  " Egalitarian Commonwealth"

·        Rainbow Rap 000 – Intentional Community is a short, two-page version of the longer Intentioneering paper.  The “Rainbow Raps” are (usually shorter) presentations on aspects of Rainbow Gatherings which happen around the world, addressing important issues of the Gatherings and describing aspects of the Rainbow Family of Living Light.  I characterize Gatherings as forms of short-term intentional communities or “temporary autonomous zones” (see: Hakim Bey) using gifting or anti-quota labor systems.  The nomenclature of “Rap XXX” is a Rainbow convention the origins of which I do not know.  Anyway, I used 000 for this Rap to suggest that the topics addressed are foundational ideals of the Rainbow Family.  It’s difficult to say how Rainbow Raps are accepted by the Family.  Being a non-organization it appears that it’s simply a matter of someone writing up a Rap and seeing whether anyone else will add it to their collection.  It was my long-time interest in supporting people in the Rainbow Family who want to move toward landed intentional community that was the impetus behind my writing this Rap, and I’m pleased to see that it has developed a life of its own.  For Rap 000 it was Keri, creator of the www.RainbowGuide.Info website, who found it on an email list and offered to post it on his Rainbow Guide website, and I think also in the printed version of the 2004 Rainbow Guide.  Thanks to Keri for the formatting of this PDF file and for all your good work!  See the page:  "Material Spirituality"

·        Given that the Rainbow Rap document and Rainbow Spirit songs are available I may as well make presentable my two articles on the Rainbow Family Gatherings, add some photos and post that as well!  The first article is a description of the 2002 National Gathering and the second is a review of a book about the Family.  Between the articles and photos this PDF file makes a great introduction to the Rainbow Family of Living Light!  See the page:  "Material Spirituality"

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What's Planned?

·        In the “ Egalitarian Commonwealth ” section I’ve been intending to revise and expand the Community Inc. document, adding more 501(d) information and an entire new Common Interest Ownership Association section, covering the planned-unit development (PUD) and condominium association structures generally used by cohousing communities.  I’ve been planning this for about 12 years.  No telling when I’ll get to it.

·        More likely to happen first is a paper to be added to the “Intentioneering” section on children and families in community, ritual, celebrations, and community-ownership and worker-ownership of businesses.  The celebrations part makes the connection with the songs and chants provided on the “Material Spirituality” page.  I’ll make no promise about when this will be ready.

·        There will be more material on time-based economies as I'm working on a method of recording and reporting done labor through wireless access to an online database via mobile phone text messaging.

·        Don’t expect any of this any time soon, yet eventually….